Key Figures


  • Starline Global Industries was founded on July, 2012.
  • The group operates in over 5 countries worldwide and group equity stands at $3 million.
  • Total group invests over $100,000 per year.
  • Group companies employ approximately 70 people.

Corporate Governance


  • Thierry Tea is Starline Global Industries’ Chairman and Managing Director.
  • Brandem Liew is senior Vice President Finance and Chief Finance Officer.
  •  Dr. Teik Toh Teoh is Corporate Secretary, Michiko Soriano is Vice President Business Development.
  • Attorney Millicent Asuncion is Legal Counsel.
  • Alexandre Tea is Deputy General Manager.
  • The group executive committee is chaired by Thierry Tea and Brandem Liew,  and also comprises Alexandre Tea, Lynda Him  and Millicent Asuncion.
  • Starline Global Industries’ strategy committee monitors growth and potential joint investment projects. The committee is composed of Thierry Tea, Lynda Him, Dominique Ky, Paul Kek and Ngorn Hor Tea.